Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snow Soap

I don't know about the rest of you, but we had a touch of crazy winter weather the last couple of months. Being originally from the deep south in Louisiana, snow was always an extremely rare and fleeting pleasure for me. So even though the amount of snow we got here in north Georgia was paltry (about five inches) in comparison to other parts of the country, to me it was a blizzard, hehe. 

Yeah, that's how I dress when I'm "snowed in" (or possibly every day) .....

From Kendra Cote's post on Modern Soapmaking I got the inspiration to catch a bucket of snow overnight (ok, I admit I scooped some up off the very top of our hedges) and make a small batch of soap. I decided to hot process the soap so I could enjoy my little piece of history while it was still relevant instead of waiting weeks for it to cure. I picked peppermint and fir needle essential oils and brushed the tops of the soap with micas, cuz you know..... snow. Don't asked me why I picked dark purple for the color, I really have no idea. I think sometimes when I am planning out a soap design that the options get a little overwhelming and I just pick a thing that I like and it works.

I considered boiling the snow before using it, but I knew that the lye would take care of anything that boiling would, so I just let it melt in its bucket in the sink, then poured it slowly through a coffee filter sitting inside a mesh strainer. It didn't do anything crazy when mixed with lye or in the soap, so I was happy. After all, it is just water, so why would it....

Have any of you ever made any soaps from any type of precipitation? I don't have any expectations as far as properties of the soap like I would with a different substituted liquid like milk or beer, but I know some people swear by using rain water for their soap making. What do you all think?


  1. What a pretty soap Laura, I love the brushed mica effect on top. I haven't used any precipitation, but I have used sea water in soap. It wasn't any different that I could tell, but it was fun to try!

  2. How interesting. I never would have thought of collecting snow, allowing it to melt, then making soap with it. Cool idea!