Friday, August 30, 2013

Banana Milk soap

A few weeks ago I made this soap using a recipe for banana milk from the lovely Cee Gee of Oil & Butter. (See the recipe here!!)

I must say, I think this is my most favorite "alternative liquid" I've ever soaped with! It really gives such a beautiful natural speckle to the soap. And so easy to work with! .....even if my Honey Bee fragrance oil obviously wasn't. I don't even care how full of little air pockets it may be, it still smells (and looks!) divine. :)

I used half & half (milk and heavy whipping cream) for the milk portion of the recipe. It smelled so yummy while I was blending it, I really wanted to make more for drinking! I already made another round and froze it for another batch of soap, hopefully soon.

Give it a try, if you haven't already. And thanks Cee for another brilliant idea!


  1. Wow, the pictures are so beautiful, Laura! Love the close-up!
    And I notice that you have changed the name of your blog, love it!

  2. What a beautiful soap, Laura! I love the speckles. Thanks for reminding me about Cee's recipe. I'll have to give banana milk a try someday!