Sunday, August 18, 2013

A new camera and lots of wood

This is a photo heavy post!!

My honey was very sweet and bought me a real camera for my soap picture-taking obsession. (squee!!) Bye-bye iphone, hello...well, not too fancy, just a pretty basic digital camera. We were lucky enough to nab it at Office Depot with an price-match. (Did you guys know they would do that??

I'm still playing around with modes and settings, but I've been a bad girl and have yet to actually pick up the manual that came with it. Hehe, I guess I like to learn by doing (and googling!), but I'm sure I'll sit down and flip through it one day. I've also had this post on Soap Queen blog bookmarked for quite some time and refer to it often to see if I am doing it right. 

We also got a great price on a small tripod and remote at (twelve bucks for both together) for making soaping videos, so hopefully I'll be making more of those soon at a better quality.  One of the biggest selling features for us on this camera was that it records video in 1080p HD. 

Here are a few a lot of photos I've taken with the new clicker of some recent soaps. You'll notice I'm kind of stuck on certain angles and backdrops that I like. But that's ok, right? 

Midnight Pomegranate
A few end pieces 

Notice how different the color of the wood surface looks in those two photos? I took one at mid-morning and the second late afternoon, and it was cloudy after some rain showers. I've found that I can adjust the color scale (who knows if that's the real technical term!) using "Food" mode also, and have been taking most of my pictures using those features to get the cooler tones that I like better without it affecting the true colors in the soaps. Or at least so far as I can notice.

Summer Melon Spritzer, a fantastic fragrance from BB.

Honey Bee, made with pureed bananas, milk and cream
This soap is just camera friendly on it's own, the speckles give it so much character!
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, a very lovely and well-behaved fragrance!
Piped tops on Coconut Lime Verbena.
I'll spare you on seeing the rest of the bar, not my best work....
Blackberry Jam bastille
You can see here that the TD didn't mix in well. Apparently I was blind and
didn't notice that before I poured it into the mold. Still nice soap though!
Mica testing! I placed my first order with The Conservatorie,
and I should have a blog post up soon with all the colors.
I also did some fragrance testing at the same time, to gauge discoloration on
some new ones. A lot of amazing smelling, ugly soaps!
I'm making wedding favors for my landlord's daughter. Three soap chunks
in a burlap bag, which they are sewing themselves. I'm working on labels now.

My honey and I also built a couple of soap molds this week. We are far from skilled at woodworking, with terms like "four and two marks over a quarter" being thrown around often out in the wood shop we don't deserve.... but we managed! I spent less than twenty bucks on wood, and have enough left over to make......uuuggghhhh numberrrrrss.....probably three or four more. :) 

He gets excited about doing manly power tool stuff.

I used my heavy duty Mossy Creek Soaps wooden mold as
a sort of template to get the dimensions I wanted in a shorter mold.
(That's a piece of wood we cut days earlier to serve as a divider inside it.)
Sanded down nice and smooth.
Midnight Pomegranate in the new mold!

Thanks so much for your encouraging words before, was so excited to show you all what I've been working on. I have some other "stuff" in the works right now too, that will involve some big changes and planning on my part and can't wait to share that when the time comes. Hope you all are enjoying your soaping and your weekend as much as I am!


  1. Wow, Laura! Beautiful soaps and photos! Congratulations on your new camera and tripod! I know what you mean, it's so much fun to take photos especially when you have a good camera. It's so cool that you and your husband can do your own woodwork!

  2. Your new camera works wonderfully, beautiful pictures! I love that it has a 'food' setting, what a cool feature. I really like your new mold, great job. Your soaps are all the feathery swirl in the Blackberry Jam and the piped tops of your CLV. Can't wait to hear more about your mica testing, those are stunning colors!

  3. Wow, love your new mold and your soaps!Congratulations, Laura!
    Your blog has a new look which I simply adore!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Laura! Looks like you are enjoying the new camera. The tripod will be super handy for filming videos. And it's great that your honey makes molds for you! I love those swirls on top of the Midnight Pomegranate!

  5. I love the new look! Can't wait to hear about the new changes!

  6. Beautiful photos! Love the simplicity of the backdrops....makes the beauty of your soaps standout even more!

  7. I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!! and your soaps are just stunning. Your tops are beautiful. How do you avoid not getting any ash. I struggle so much with it that I hide it with glitter :). I am following your tip! glitter fixes just about anything! he he he

    1. Thanks Roxana!! I promise I am not immune to the ash, you just can't see it in the pictures of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, haha! I guess for the most part it is because I gel my soaps though (??), and I also spray the tops with alcohol three or four times. And if I am really determined enough to save the appearance of a soap I scrub it off. Or glitter! :)