Thursday, July 4, 2013

Breakfast Bar video

I decided to name this soap Breakfast Bar for the breakfast type ingredients and fragrances I used, buttermilk and oatmeal flour, and the much-talked about Bacon and syrupy sweet Sticky Licky Buns fragrances (both from Nature's Garden). 

What you should know before you watch this video:

  • Um, it's thirty minutes long.
  • And it is thirty minutes long because I talked a lot. A lot, guys. About everything from why I picked the fragrances to my recent vacation to the price of colloidal oatmeal. I even lined my mold while filming and talking for crying out loud!! Cut me some slack though, no one in my real everyday life wants to listen to my soapy talk, I gotta let it out somewhere! I promise I'll cut it back next time...a little. ;)
  • I thought I was being smart by using the front-facing feature on my phone camera to record, so I could watch what I was doing as I went and get a good idea of positioning. As it turns out though, that really just reduces the quality of the video. My bad.
  • Apparently my favorite new phrase is "like I said." I have no idea where that came from, we'll just call it nerves. My honey and I actually joked about adding a ticking counter to the video for each time I uttered those three little words. And what's funny is, for every time I said it thinking I was referring to something I'd already said, I hadn't really said it. Know what I'm saying? 
  • The hot pink tablecloth I use to protect my countertops (speaking of talking too much, I even overshared where I bought it and for how much) might burn your retinas. Sorry, I'll ditch it for a nice soft fluffy pastel colored towel next time.
  • I did a couple of test recordings and played them back on my phone before I started filming for reals, and I couldn't hear the music in the background at all. But it's definitely audible in the vid, my apologies. It's a band called Limbeck, and they are really nice folks (I actually got to meet them a couple times!), but they are no longer together, so hopefully YouTube won't sue me or something. 

At least now I know what things I need to do differently when I decide to record another. And by the way, I haven't unmolded or cut the soap yet, but I am afraid just from sniffing it now still in the mold that the scents may have faded a bit. I'll reserve the final judgement for when I actually slice it up. And of course, there will be pictures of the cut soap too! 

I took a few "behind the scenes" photos before I started too, so you could see what a clutter I actually make while soaping, and the super professional setup I was working with.

You can see here my scale, lye water pail, wooden mold, caddy o' utensils, and some other goodies. There's more on the stove top. Lots more. Mostly bottles and buckets of oils. I'd moved a small lamp into that back corner to try to help with the lighting situation. 

I used the same mount I use on my car windshield for my phone. It's very handy for gps, which I pretty much use any time I am driving anywhere other than to work. Since I am still kind of new to the area I live in now, I basically am lost from the moment I pull out of my driveway. 

Looking up from the hot seat to the window above the sink, where I stuck the phone mount.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I promise to work harder to make the next one better. Thanks for reading/watching!!


  1. Laura, you are so cute! Loved the video. :)

  2. Great video Laura, I really enjoyed it! Thanks for showing your set-up with your iPhone, so smart! Lucky you being within driving distance of Mossy Creek, I looove her soaps and it’s always nice to have a good soap supply store close by! Your fragrance blend sounds soooo yummy, I’m totally craving a maple bacon donut now! I’ve been contemplating getting the bacon but I think I’ll try the sticky buns with it too, thanks for the tip!