Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tall mold!

I finally did it. I got a tall wooden soap mold. And I couldn't be happier with it. (Except I wish I had another one for maximizing my soaping days!)  

I looked around at a lot of different molds, before I finally decided on this one from Mossy Creek Soaps. I've always admired Michelle's beautiful soaps and packaging and her business "style." And it was nice to buy from a fellow Georgian, not only for the quick shipping but also to keep my purchase semi-local. 

The batch size for this mold-- although larger than what I was used to-- seemed perfect for me. It was a little intimidating to switch from my usual small batch recipe using my 10 inch silicone loaf molds to this one though, so I did a little bit of testing to find a recipe I was happy with. I wanted a nice size bar, taking into account that my wire loaf slicer cuts one and a quarter inch thick bars, but I also wanted a batch size I was comfortable working with considering the hobbyist equipment and budget I have.

I used the same oils and percentages as one of my two favorite go-to recipes. Here are the "results" from my first three batches I made in the tall mold.

I did peak the tops of the shorter bar (it's actually taller than three inches from bottom to the very tip top), and added some embeds and soap shreds to the other two, which does affect the weights and heights of the final bars of soap.

And to add some perspective, here are photos of me holding each of the above bars in my hand. That last one really is just massive!!

Which bar size do you think you would like the most?

To me, the last bar is just way too big. I ended up being happiest with the middle bar. I love the size and am excited about all of the new and different design techniques I can try out with all that depth to play with! I really like the smaller bars too though. They are almost square and really quite adorable, if you can consider the size of a bar of soap adorable!

Smaller soap freshly poured in the mold, middle soap just unmolded

To sum it all up, I am so very happy with this new mold. It's very sturdy, easy to store in my supply closet, and believe it or not extremely easy to line! (I use the lid to cheat and help me hold the freezer paper in place while I "measure" and cut and tape.) I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for the tall bar shape. And Michelle's customer service was outstanding when I had questions. She even lined the mold for my first use before shipping it out!

Thanks for reading, look for more tall soap photos/posts in the near future!!


  1. Jealous! I want a tall mold, too...
    Those are beautiful, Laura, I like the middle size best as well. How wide are the bars? They look about 2.5 inches.

  2. Thank you Linda! The are just around two and a quarter inches wide.

  3. I love it Laura, tall bars are my favourite to use....I like the 2 smaller bar sizes too. I love the way your bars turned out too, the pink one is my fave! :)

  4. I think I like the middle size bar. Your soaps are beautiful but I really like your tiger stripe one :)

  5. Thank you both! Ironically, I was trying to kind of repeat my Black Raspberry Vanilla soap (which I was trying to tiger stripe and got pretty swirls instead) on that one, and my batter turned out a little thick and that was the look I got by accident haha.

  6. I prefer the smallest one I think it's the most handable (did I just make up new English word?!),but the huge one is soooo eye-catching and makes a cool gift purchase,you can call it family sized bar,lol!
    They all look great,I love the pink of the huge one!

    1. Handable--I am totally using this word now! Family-sized is definitely a great way to call it too haha. Thank you for the kind words!

  7. WOW!! Laura-- these are gorgeous! Thank you so much for the write up and I am very happy you like them :D

  8. How cool! And your soaps are gorgeous, Laura! I'm a fan of Mossy Creek Soap, too. I think I like the size of the middle bar the best as well.

  9. They are all stunning, and I love seeing the comparison of all three together. =)