Friday, January 4, 2013

How do I work this thing again.....

I know it's been a while since anyone in the soaping world has heard from me, and I was honored that a few soapy ladies even checked in on me in my absence. Truth is, I've been just fine. :) 

After my last soaping day, the very day we filmed those amateur videos, and also the same day I finished up the last of my Christmas soaping, I decided to take a little break from soap making until after the holidays. My curing shelves were full, my supplies were low, and my soaping environment just wasn't ideal. I did still have plans for blog posts during my hiatus, but they never came to pass. I ended up being so busy working extra shifts at my real job, and then moving (yay, new soaping environment!), and then holidays, that I barely even had time to think about sitting down to write a blog post or even comment on my favorite blogs that I was still following throughout my little break.

The good news is, the holidays are over, I've lost interest in extra shifts, and my honey and I are finally settled down into our new place. And I'm ready for some soap making fun again! (I could really use the stress relief, let me tell ya!!) 

I am dreadfully low on oils and lye right now---a problem I plan to remedy tomorrow! So hopefully you'll see some brand new, freshly inspired soaps popping up on this blog or Facebook page very soon. In the meantime, take a look at..... new soap supplies closet:

.....the beautiful colors in the fibers I got for soap felting:
(felting ugly soaps is my new favorite thing to do)

......and our new home :)

Also, here's another really poor quality video of me getting frustrated with my soap design. Specifically the color purple. And I don't mean the movie with Whoopi and Oprah, y'all.


....And a picture of how it all turned out really great in the end. :)

Thanks for not unsubscribing to me. I've missed you guys! 


  1. I just cant get with the hole felting soap trend.. its just remind some of dirty matted lint & nastiness on soap.. But Good job though! haha just not for me.. Glad your back.

    1. I didn't really dig it either until I made my own and used it in the shower. It is actually really nice! And I love it for it's sort of recycling purposes, another way to put good soaps to use, that perhaps didn't turn out all the pretty but still work great.

  2. Glad to see you back, Laura! I totally know what you mean about not having time for anything lately. October through December was kind of a blur for me with all of the traveling and the holidays. I haven't made soap since October, and I'm looking forward to starting back up again. I like how your felted soap turned out! I've never tried felted soap, but it sounds cool. The purple swirled soap turned out beautifully, too - I love the soap stamp. And congrats on finding a new home (and a soaping closet)! Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely home, Laura! Nice soaping closet too..I really need one, lol. Right now I just use a cabinet, and it's full...very full. I really like the purple swirl soap with the pretty! :)

  4. Happy new year , Laura and welcome back to soaping!
    Wow, your home is really nice and your felted soaps are really sweet!And what a great purple you got there, congratulations!

  5. What a cute little closet, I love it! :)

  6. Oh, I need so much some closet like this one for all my supplies!
    Welcome back to soaping ,Laura and happy new year!
    Wish you many happy moments with your darling at your new home!
    The purple one is great and I like the swirl!

  7. I agree~ cute and very organized soaping closet. I look forward to watching you put all those new oils and stuff no creative use! And I think your felted soap is pretty.
    Welcome Back to soaping and sharing!

  8. Beautiful soap Laura! I have been wondering where you have been hiding :) Welcome Back! Great Video! Keep them coming!

  9. It's so nice to see you back Laura! I love your soapy closet, it's so neat and organized...congrats on your new home! :)