Friday, November 23, 2012

My first soaping video!

On our last soaping day (and last holiday soaping day /sadface) we made videos of each of the three batches. Knowing that we were shooting video made me oddly nervous, and we both admitted to each other after it was all over that soaping wasn't as fun because of it. My honey said it made him feel left out when he wanted to help with the soaping. Aww. :( Haha, I know while the camera was rolling it felt like everything was going wrong from trace to colors, and I just knew all of the soaps were going to turn out horribly. But they didn't. Maybe other soap video makers can clue me in: Do you feel nervous each time you film a soap batch? Do you ever feel like you have to do things differently for the benefit of the camera? If you ever felt like that, did it get easier with time to just be yourself or any "game time" tips? 

....So who knows if we'll do any more, guess we'll see what kind of feedback we get.

Some things to note about this video:

  • It's really long.
  • I talk a lot. About everything. And then some. (Who would've guessed, for all the rambling I do here...)
  • We are bad at editting.
  • I said I was pouring over my spatula to prevent lye bubbles, but I meant air bubbles. (And it took me watching the video at least a dozen times to catch that....)

The soap I made in this video is fragranced with Santa's Spruce from BB, but I think I'm going to call it Sugar(ed?) Spruce. 

Here it is cut:

It gelled to a very very hard soap, and was almost difficult to cut, as you can see from the small jagged-type markings on the face of the bar. I still love this scent, it's very nice with just the right amount of sweet and evergreen. 

And just for funsies, here's a sneak peek at the soap made in the next video we are working on editting. ;)

Ooh, what could it be??

Thanks for taking the time to watch my super long video, I hope you all like it. I would love to get any advice or tips, likes or dislikes from you all, so feel free to comment here or on the video. 


  1. I loved your video and you didn´t talk too much :) The soap is very beautiful and the colors are like a forest in the winter (at least like in Finland). There was dog barking in the beggining of the video, my dog heard it and she started looking for that dog. It was so funny!

  2. Nice to hear your voice, Laura!
    I love the 1st soap, the top is so beautiful and original!

  3. I really enjoyed your video Laura! I think it turned out well. I love the soap! More videos soon please :)

  4. I loved the video Laura, and I love the way the soap turned out! Would love to see more videos from you =)

  5. I love watching soaping videos and I enjoyed watching yours. The colours are beautiful and the tops so imaginative. You put a great work into making this one,but it was worth it.
    How do you take the soap out of this mold,it seems to be plastic and very sold?

    1. ....should have been 'solid', not 'sold',sorry for the typing error!
      Oh,I can't wait to see this second soap making video. The soap is marvelous!

    2. The sides of the mold are actually pretty easy to pull away. I usually pull away each side and end, then gently press from the bottom to break the "seal." From there the loaf of soap will slowly slide out when held at an upside down angle. It's my favorite mold. :)

    3. ...And I know why! No annoying lining,nor adjusting freezer paper to fit in,nor taping it to the mold... Just nice,tidy and clean! It would be my favorite,as well if i had one.
      Thanks, Laura for explanation,the mold looked like you could never take the soap out!

  6. The cut soaps look great, Laura! I love the high pour technique, and the wreaths are super cute. As far as shooting videos go, I was a bit anxious about the whole thing when I first started, too. It gets easier as you do more videos. The editing gets easier, too, once you figure out what you're doing. I enjoyed listening to you speak and share your thoughts about the process. I wonder sometimes if I should talk more often in my videos. I choose not to talk in a majority of my videos mostly for convenience. I find editing more difficult if I'm trying to maintain a narrative - for me, it's easier to just chop up the video and add the occasional caption. And I tend to ramble like a crazy person when the camera is on me. So, I just set my videos to music. (I get most of my music from, which has tons of free-to-use creative commons-licensed songs.) Shooting video takes a little extra effort because you have to be more aware of what you're doing and where the camera is and how to angle the camera to get the best shot, but it gets easier. You quickly figure out where your favorite spots are and what kind of lighting works best, etc. I'm much more relaxed doing it now than I was in the beginning. I enjoyed your video and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  7. Love your video! You did a great job on your first one and it only gets easier from here. And, your soap is absolutely adorable!

  8. Great video Laura! I just joined your blog.

  9. Thanks everyone, and thanks for joining Adina!!

  10. Congrats on your soap video. Keep them coming, such a pretty swirl in your soap too.