Thursday, November 15, 2012

Felted soap

I've tried felting some of my soaps two or three times in the past with less than stellar results. I'm not sure what the problem was then, maybe it was the type of roving I bought. I did a good bit of research, but it could still have been general cluelessness!

A recent blog post from Amanda at Lovin Soap (and a part of Bramble Berry's Givember too!) inspired me to finally try felting again, and I'm glad I did. It worked out a lot better for me this time. I bought some beautiful wool and handspun yarn from a nice lady at a craft market a few weeks ago. I remember specifically thinking that because she also was selling felted soaps, that her wool "definitely must work!" Hehe.

I made these a little over a week ago using some bars I'd made in single-cavity molds a few months back to test out fragrances, and also a couple of lemongrass soaps that were a bit rough around the edges. The two oval bars are Frankincense & Myrrh (BB) and Bella from Majestic Mountain Sage's Twilight-inspired collection.

The only difference in the way I felted was for my final stage (the rubbing part), I put the soap inside a knee-length panty hose, which really helped to tighten it all up and keep it together through all the rubbing action. 

When I went to Lovin Soap to grab a link for this post, I also noticed Amanda posted a second felted soap tutorial (using panty hose) but with added needle-felted designs. (I don't think I am quite ready for that yet!) You can check that out here.

I haven't tried these out in the shower yet, but I promise I'll let you all know if they fall to pieces! 


  1. They are gorgeous,Laura! I have never trying this before,I am really curious to see what I will get :)
    Thanks for inspiration!

  2. Wow--good for you! They look great. I've never tried using one either, but I'll be interested to know what you think of them.

  3. Those look cool! I've never tried felted soaps before but I am curious about them. I love the little ribbons you tied around your soaps!

  4. Is that ever clever! I am sooo not brave enough to try that, so I really applaud your ambition! I love the ribbon and rustic star too!

  5. Felting has become all the rage this holiday season and I love how super cute yours turned out! :)