Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday soaps so far

I know from my blog list that I'm not the only soaper excited about the holidays. I've sort of skipped right over fall scents and dove head first into Christmas inspired fragrances and designs. It seems like I am constantly thinking about all the holiday fragrances I have left to soap (trust me, there are quite a few in my closet!!) and the color schemes I want to use. I think about it while I am laying in bed, while I am at work, while I am I better come up with something good for all that time spent thinking, right? I can hardly wait to start putting together some gift baskets for friends and family. I might even make some sugar scrubs and body butters too, as some of the scents I've bought just seem like they would fit those mediums really well.

Here is what I have made so far.

Fresh Snow, from Bramble Berry.
This really is a beautiful fragrance, so clean and delicate. I love it!

Sleigh Ride, also from Bramble Berry.
This is an amazing holiday scent, sweet and spicy and just smells like
Christmas. But without that fake potpourri smell that a lot of straight
holiday scents seem to have. I also used my new heavy duty column
mold from BB for this soap, and I am totally loving it! (more on that later!)
--This fragrance was a real mover in CP, but totally worth it!--
--A lot of people asked me about this red colorant, it is Tomato Red
liquid colorant from Nature's Garden!--

Gingersnap, from--you guessed it--Bramble Berry.
I can't say enough about how awesome and true this scent is. I bought
it on high recommendation from "Jenny from the blog," and I am super
pleased with it. All the fellas in the house are in love with it too, and that
can be hard to accomplish with scents sometimes! The discoloring you see
here is at 2 weeks into cure, with TD added to the top "scooped" portion.
--This fragrance was a mover for me also.--

Believe it or not, I do also have some really great non-BB fragrances to soap too. I am off work tomorrow, so hopefully I can just vedge out on soaping with my honey all day and will have more to show you soon!

Thanks for taking the time to look, hope I didn't give you the holiday soaping bug too!


  1. Wow, now I am kind of... speechless!
    The 1st soap is amazing, the swirl is so beautiful to look at!And the pics are gorgeous, so congratulations! Now let the snow come !

  2. Ooooooo, I love your new blog look Laura!!! All of the soaps look fabulous, I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Have a great day off tomorrow! :)