Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweets, stuff, and sweet stuff!

One great thing about my recent move to a bigger city and different region, or maybe not so great: all the convenient shopping! So much more to do and see, and so much more to buy

I've been admiring an adorable winter soap made by Nikki over at Bamboo Soap Company ever since she first posted the photo of its gorgeous frosty tops that looked so crisp and icy cold, and so today I had the urge to visit a cake and candy supply store here in town to see if I could add a few more sprinklies to my soaping collection. We found a cute little local shop through Google and mapped out a slightly scenic route through the mountains. The weather was such a nice and mild pre-fall temp for us to ride with our windows down and enjoy the breeze while we admired old houses and landscapes. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at The Sugar Shoppe to see they were celebrating their 20th year of business today with sweets they'd made. Trays and trays and trays full of sugar-frosted fruits, cream puffs, cookies, various other baked goods, and some pretty yummy bright green punch! I felt bad that I spent less than ten dollars in their store, because my honey and I probably nibbled and sipped on more goodies worth! 

Here are the cutesie sprinkles I picked from their huge selection. I had my faithful photography assistant (my honey) hold my hot pink desk lamp in at least a dozen different positions to try to capture the almost pink iridescence of the blue sugar crystals, but it seems that there is only so much awesome my poor little iphone camera can pick up.

Blue iridescent crystals, ivory pearls, white snowflakes, and fall leaves

And while we were in the neighborhood, we hit up a nice new Hobby Lobby to find a huge selection of their Christmas crafts at 40% off, which definitely appealed to this holiday soaping preparedness mood I am in. Lately I've been playing around with lots of different decorations for my soaps when I give them away as gifts, and the majority of the materials I use are scrap booking papers and ribbons. Since I don't really sell, I can change up my "packaging" on a whim and not really worry too much about continuity. That means I can waste a whole lot of time thumbing through papers and ribbons in any given craft store! Add in the excitement of shiny, sparkly, cheerful Christmas prints and trims, and I was one happy gal! With as much squee'ing and grabbing as I did, I couldn't believe I made it out of the store for a little over thirty bucks.

The adorable small rolls of ribbon were 60 cents (got three of each) and
the others $1.19 woohoo! The little green and red mugs instantly made
me think of the bottle of yummy delicious Eggnog FO I have waiting!
Mini tree cutters, glittery tulle ribbon, some clearanced ribbons and cloth
scraps, holiday stamps, and these awesome 2-piece plastic ornaments to
use for making bath fizzies! (Got a heart shaped one too)

Then we dashed across the street to the very first Joann Fabric & Crafts stores I'd ever been to, where I found an adorable fondant mat that I wanted for lining my wooden molds for the cute imprints along the bottom and sides of soap loaves. I was thinking aloud to my honey about putting it back on the shelf and waiting until another day to make the purchase when a sweet little old lady standing nearby handed us a "50% off any one item" coupon she'd gotten in the mail. How sweet was that!!! I don't think my honey was too thrilled with her generosity though, because now he has to trim the mat up to fit my two-pound wooden molds orrrrr build me a bigger mold. :)

With hearts, for Glad Heart Soaps :)

After over a three week break, I can't wait to get started soaping again this weekend, and get those soaps cured and prettied up! 

p.s. The owner of The Sugar Shoppe was kind enough to share a recipe of one of his yummy sweet treats with us today, and it really is so simple and shockingly delicious that I couldn't resist sharing it with you guys too!

1 cup Captain Crunch cereal
1 cup Rice Crispies cereal
1 pound melted white chocolate

Mix. Glop. Set. Enjoy!! 

Pro tip: if you overheat your chocolate like me, you can fix it easily by adding a little vegetable oil and a few more unmelted pieces of chocolate. 

I don't have kids, but I can definitely see this being a fun and easy recipe for kiddos, and fairly inexpensive with off-brand cereals too. I made a double batch to take to Taylor's five-year-old cousin's "No More Chemo" party this weekend, and I am pretty sure they'll all love it!


  1. Laura, you got some great stuff! FYI - Hobby Lobby almost always has 40% coupons online that you can send to your phone, then all you need to do is show it at checkout. You have the same mat I have and I love it. I cut mine with a rotary cutter that I use for quilting and it worked perfectly.

    That recipe sounds yummy! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. You scored some lovely goodies Laura! I really like those mini tree cutters...adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the yummy recipe, our kids will love that!

  3. Linda- I always use the 40% off coupon from my phone for Hobby Lobby, but it's so hard to find anything for regular price to use it on haha! I think I used it on my most expensive not-on-sale item which was only $3.99 haha!

    Cee- I hope you try the sweet treat. It was very easy to make, which is a good thing because the boys in the house decimated it over-night, and I will need to make some more if I want to bring it to the party tomorrow haha!

  4. Oh, look at you go, you super shopper! ;) If you haven't already, you can sign up for JoAnn's coupon fliers--they're pretty handy. Have fun getting back into the soaping groove!

  5. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the new city, Laura! Candy sprinkles are a great idea for your soaps. Looks like you scored some great new supplies and you're well on your way to being ready for Christmas. Thanks for the recipe, too - it looks yummy!

  6. I really enjoyed watching these pictures, they remind me of myself looking around for things as potential soapy items.
    Your soaps are amazing,too, not the less pleasure watching them!
    Also, wish you all the best with your new life chapter!

  7. Thanks Amy, Jenny, and St. Maja! And we definitely signed up for those flyers Amy!

    St. Maja, my honey says when he sees me looking at something for longer than usual while we are shopping, he can tell I am wondering how it can be used for soaping haha!

  8. Haha,true! I got hooked as well, I could read and watch and learn all day long.
    BTW,you can call me Maja (or Maya-that's how my name pronounces),this St. comes from my surname.

  9. Oh I can't wait to see what great things you make with those sprinkles! Thank you for sharing the recipe for the treats as well.

  10. Ohh those ornaments make great bath fizzy molds! Those are the same ones I have and use! The hearts work super well too!

    Glad you're settling in well, and I hope you still have lots of time for soapy fun!

    My husband actually helps me find stuff to use for soaping! He's such a good sport =D