Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sometimes it's better to receive!

Today I came home to find a tiny package sitting on my mouse pad at my desk (it's where my mom likes to stick my mail). Hmm, what could this be? I wasn't expecting any packages. A quick check of the return address actually made me squee!! out loud to see it was from Carrie, a dear sweet friend I've made through Teach Soap Forums (which I highly recommend for friend-making of the soapy kind!) 

Carrie and I first started our package swapping a couple months ago when she asked about a fragrance on the forums that several different suppliers carry, wondering about experiences any of us might have had with any of them. Luckily I had the FO in question (Fresh Bamboo) in the form of two sample size bottles and a larger size from two of those suppliers and offered my input on them, as well as shipping her the two small bottles for her to try out, along with a end piece of one of my soaps. And so began our swapping relationship! 

Recently Carrie mentioned she might be in the market for a soap beveler. I'd bought one from Bramble Berry a while back, tried it out on my own soaps only a handful of times, and then decided it wasn't an extra step I wanted to take on my soaps. We worked out a swap of some of her lovely soaps and some fragrances she'd bought and didn't care too much for, in exchange for my beveler. Of course, the box looked so empty with just the beveler, I had to send her some extra goodies too! 

Imagine my delight then, to find these two precious, thoughtful treasures tucked inside my tiny package today!

Carrie's lovely Frosted Cranberry and Turkish Mocha soaps, personalized just for me!!

Carrie was so sweet to send me these two soaps not only beveled but also laser engraved especially for me!! I was so touched, I really was!! I went straight for my pretty paper stash to snap a photo to share with the soapy interwebs.

And since I had my paper stash out, here's another shot of the first batch of soaps Carrie sent me a few weeks ago. She also included some of her handmade lotion, scrub and herbal salve (which is currently getting lots of use on a weird little flakey dry spot that's made an appearance on the side of my hand). They all smell so lovely, but I was so taken with her Beau Brummel soap that I had to order a bottle of the fragrance for myself.... because I want my man to smell like that all the time! (To which he responds, "But does it smell like coconut...?")

Unscented goat's milk, oats and honey, Beau Brummel, unscented 100% coconut oil
soap, Energy and Black Tea, cedarwood, Earth Musk and Patchouli soaps

But, wait, I'm not done posting pictures just yet! 

You might remember me mentioning before that I'd become totally obsessed with colorants from TKB Trading, and a part of that obsession involved stalking their Etsy shop to snatch up some really great deals on some of their discontinued colorants. What I might not have mentioned though, was that I had a partner in stalking-crime in another very special soaping friend (who I also met through TS Forums, get over there folks!!), the lovely Heather of Winberg Bathworks. As it turned out during our few glorious days of colorant shopping sprees, there were some times that I wasn't able to catch some of the listings at their shop before they were all snatched up, for work or whatever reason. Heather was kind enough to send me a generous sampling of some of the TEN POUNDS of colorants she was able to buy along with a hearty sampling of some of her gorgeous and heavenly soaps! 

Heather's oh-so-adorable Jasmine Breeze, Snowfall, Bamboo Teak and Raspberry
Lemonade soaps, along with some itty bitty soapy samples

How beautiful are those swirls and embeds!! Heather also sent me a bottle of her handmade lavender lotion, which I keep in my locker at work, since I wash my hands so many times every day. It's definitely been keeping me moisturized and smelling sweet to boot!

Don't get me wrong, giving makes me really happy too.... but lately I've received some pretty rad stuff from some awesomely awesome soapmaking friends! There will be more swapping stories with these came from I am sure, as several of us over at TS Forums are involved in an organized swap even as I type. You can head on over to this thread to watch as the photos are rolling in of all the goodies we're gettin'!

I really can't express how valuable of a tool Teach Soap Forums has been to me over this first year of my soaping journey. I have learned so so much from all the experienced members who've been so very helpful, and I love giving of my own knowledge where I can. I've made a lot of great friends through sharing everything from lye burn stories (am I supposed to say that??) to favorite fragrances and techniques. It really is one of the friendliest soap forums I've had the pleasure of participating in, and encourage anyone who hasn't already to bookmark it, visit often, and don't be afraid to post your thoughts and questions.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more soapy eye candy!


  1. How nice of Carrie and Heather to send such gorgeous samples! And the laser engraving is so cool on Carrie's soaps. I checked out the thread at Teach Soap and saw all of the lovely swap soaps, too. The forum has really led to a lot of friendships! :)

  2. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen, I had no idea you could laser engrave soap! What a nice assortment of soaps she sent too. I love all of the soaps Heather sent too, the one with the flowers is so adorable =)

  3. I totally agree! I LOVE the Teach Soap Forum! So glad to have such an awesome community to share and learn about soap making with! :)