Thursday, September 20, 2012

Burning the midnight oil

That's what I've been doing for the past two weeks it seems, figuratively and now literally! 

I just made a 600 mile move from Louisiana to Georgia (northwest, Chattanooga, TN area), to finally close the distance on a three and half year long-distance relationship with my sweet honey. It was a hectic week of packing and sorting through all my stuff, packing probably less than half of it into my two-door car (don't worry, all the soapy supplies made it over!), saying some hard good-byes to family and friends, and hitting the road after a nice long last day of work at my now former job. We made it here to my new home literally in the pouring rain for the entire drive, at three o'clock in the morning this Tuesday, and it's been another hectic week of getting setup at my new job, cleaning, unpacking, and organizing two peoples' belongings together for the first time. And of course I was hit with the worst bout of cold/allergy/sinus/whatever I've had all year right smack dab in the middle of all of it. Argh!

But there was a silver lining to all those gloomy rain clouds--- my latest Bramble Berry order full of holiday fragrances and a new round vertical mold was waiting to welcome me to Georgia as soon as I walked in the door! 

Even though it was a crazy move and our living situation for the time being is less than ideal, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat....probably... for the Bramble Berry box!  At the very least I can say we survived the ordeal with lots of stories! Some funny, some not-so-funny, and some that might be funny later.... Like the tiny bottle of Toasted Marshmallow fragrance oil  (from Rustic Escentuals) I'd been carrying around in my purse for days for some crazy reason, and how it decided to spring a leak on the ride over. Needless to say, that definitely left my purse and car smelling pretty darn delicious....for the entire 10 hour trip! As a good soaping friend so sweetly pointed out, at least it was a fragrance we enjoyed! 

We decided right away that this was a scent we wouldn't mind filling up our living space on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I left all the candle making supplies behind with my sweet mama. So we took a more direct route and just nabbed a cute little glazed ceramic oil/wax warmer from Wal-Mart for five bucks. What a steal, and I am sure we will get a lot of use out of it with all the favorite fragrances I have amassed lately. Ours is warmed by tea light candles, not light bulbs. 

This was my first experience using any of my soap fragrances in any type of warmer/burner, so we kind of started out in test mode. First we used BB's Sugar Plum Fairy undiluted. It's an amazing sweet candy fragrance, but was immediately way too strong for our open living area and "smoked" a lot. Lesson learned, we diluted the FO with some water, about a 1:1 ratio, I would say. This worked much much better and still managed to work it's way all over the house, which we were really impressed with. After that was all used up and washed away, we just about tripped over each other to get the infamous Toasted Marshmallow into the warmer!! 

Ahhhhh! We love it so much! So rich and sweet and strong, but without that buttery dessert aroma (I know, I know, most of you crazy soapers actually like the buttery stuff!). I don't think I have ever lived in a house that smells this good.... and I am sharing it with three dudes!! I cannot wait to soap this fragrance! I love it so much!! *drool* 

I totally can see myself buying a larger bottle of this fragrance for sure........after the FO purchasing ban placed on me by my honey has been lifted, of course....

But, honey, it's just one shelf!
And I have it on good authority that we could install another shelf in this space!

Hehe, pity me for the restraint I am going to have to somehow learn to show over the next few months. 

Since I haven't quite gotten organized enough to start soaping again just yet, this is my new favorite thing to obsess over at the moment! What tips do any of you have for using body safe fragrance oils in warmers? Do you prefer to dilute with water or carrier oils? Have you found that an adjustable electric warmer works better than a candle powered one? Any advice for getting maximum longevity from your fragrances? 

Thanks for reading, now I'm off to breathe in the scent of my man-cave house, mmmmmmm!


  1. So that's what you've been up to! Glad to hear all has gone well with your move, I bet it was hard to say goodbye to everyone though :( I looooove your fragrance shelf, look at all of those pretty bottles! I don't have any advice about the warmer, but it sounds like a great idea. Toasted marshmallow sounds delicious!

  2. I thought about you as we were getting all that rain earlier this week. (We had over 5 inches here.) Not a fun time to move! The Toasted Marshmallow sounds wonderful - I happen to agree with you about the buttery scents, BTW. I've never ordered from RE. I may have to do that now. YAY another FO supplier! I can't help you with the warmers - I just made my first soy wax tarts the other day and am still experimenting. :)

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  4. Glad to hear that you made it to your new home safely! I know things were hectic there at the end - it seems like they always are. I have also been struggling with allergies or something all week, too. What a great idea to burn your FOs in warmers! The Toasted Marshmallow sounds fantastic!