Tuesday, August 21, 2012

S.O.A.P. team box is here!

I can't tell you all how excited I was to be picked as a member of Bramble Berry's fall/winter S.O.A.P. team! (Thanks to everyone for their best wishes and congratulations!) Since the panel was announced last Monday, I have purposefully been on soap making break to save my supplies and (hopefully) soaping energy and inspiration! 

I wasn't expecting my box of mystery fragrances to get here until tomorrow or possibly Thursday, but what a pleasant surprise when the FedEx truck pulled in to my driveway this morning! I practically ran out to met the driver, still sporting my pj's and fuzzy cheetah slippers, and booked it straight to the stove (my favorite flat work space, hehe) to get started sniffing!

Unlucky for me, I woke up to some pretty fussy allergies this morning, so after sniffing and resniffing and then sniffing again x10.... my nose is in pain right now haha. But I've taken some meds, and hope to get started soaping this evening after I've run a few errands. 

So far, out of the bottle, I have two stand-out favorites. Even though I've tried to overcome my fragrance prejudices, fruity scents are always by far my favorite, so based on my first impressions of these mystery FOs, number 4 and number 7 are my faves. I guess I'll be polite and not say my least favorite fragrance types. :)

Here are my day-of-arrival first impressions of the 10 mystery fragrances:

  1. Without a doubt, a warm vanilla sandalwood scent. Very much like all the sugar fragrance types (i.e. Pink Sugar, Blue Sugar, Warm Vanilla Sugar)
  2. I am unsure of definite notes in this one. It smells slightly Holiday-like, maybe a little menthol and evergreen. My mom said manly, but I am not sure about that.
  3. This one was also hard for me to identify. It's pleasant and light, for now I am saying fresh greenery, maybe snow.
  4. Love love love this one! Very tart and fruity, maybe a bit of spice. I am thinking pears. It's very sweet, but in a good way! I wrote "possibly dessert fragrance?," but I think I am going to rescind that. It's pretty complex to me.
  5. Fresh, perfume, floral. This seems almost spring-like. 
  6. Amber, musk, vanilla, slightly powdery.
  7. Apple for sure! Very yummy and fresh, but still not in-your-face apple. 
  8. I initially wrote LIME (because I love lime!), but after resniffing I can pick up other citrus notes too, with something else in the background, maybe some sweet spice or herbs? 
  9. Masculine, old-fashioned barber shop cologne. Vetiver? Moss? Earthy.
  10. Definitely a dessert fragrance! Caramel and/or cake. Buttery, but not overwhelming buttery which I usually pick up from some dessert FOs. My mom said it smelled like creme brulee. 

My plans for the fragrances are to first soap them in cold process at either .5 or .75 ounces per pound of oils, and take the remaining FO and the cut soaps with me to a lunch date on Friday with a couple of girlfriends who enjoy my soaps and a very special local soapy blogger who I'll be meeting for the first time (yay!) to get their opinions on the scents both in the bottle and in the soaps. 

I haven't decided on a second medium yet though, just can't make up my mind! So I thought, why not just let you guys make it up for me. Inspired by CeeGee at Oil & Butter, I decided to poll my readers for what you'd like to have me test these fragrances in. Please vote below!

I can hardly wait to get started and share my results with you guys, so stay tuned! And thanks for reading!


  1. Soooo....exciting! Cant wait for your updates!!


  2. Number seven is one of my favorites, I'm glad you like it. Thank you so much for being a member of the S.O.A.P team!

  3. Isn't it the best fun to get that boxes of fragrances? And you have lots more fun ahead. I look forward to your updates!

  4. Thanks for opening up the floor for suggestions! I feel like I helped! Have fun!

  5. Oh yay, I voted!!! How fun Laura - I'm super excited for you to test all of these, thanks for sharing your journey with us! :D

  6. Thanks for the comments and encouragement ladies! My lye water is cooling as we speak....err, type!

    It's such an honor how many votes I've received so far, and fun to watch the numbers rise and change-- keep em coming, readers!

  7. yummy, this sounds like a fun batch to test. Can't wait...following the SOAP teams' progress just never gets old.

  8. I would do a few of each and try and match the fragrance to the product. I would say # 7 & 10 bath bomb cupcakes. (I love dessert fragrances for those!) 5, 6, 9, and maybe 8 as perfume/cologne/body sprays. 1 & 4 as candles and 2 & 3 as melt & pour. This way you have a larger variety of products with the fragrances and then you can have an idea how they work in a variety of ways. Have fun! I am so jealous of everyone on the S.O.A.P. Team by-the-way. :P

  9. This is so much fun! I'm really curious about #8...I can't wait to hear how it turns out in CP. :)

  10. Toni- I wish I could do a little of everything, but I guess I should have noted that I only got one ounce of each fragrance oil. :( I am trying to make it stretch though, I decided to go with only half an ounce ppo in cold process, which is half what I normally use, yikes!

    Linda- I know, me too, it's very intriguing! It's funny how different some of them smell now, only a few hours after that initial sniffing round. Not sure whether to blame it on those pesky allergies irritating my nose, or maybe the thrill of the whole box!

  11. If I mail you my nose, can you sniff them for me? LOL This is so exciting! Can't wait to see the first pics of your adventure! <3

  12. Voted! Sounds like you've got some interesting fragrances there, Laura. It will be fun to hear how your testing goes, and offer some first impressions. I'm looking forward to Friday! By the way, your handwriting is so pretty - my handwriting looks like a third grader's. :D

  13. :) Thanks Jenny! One of my coworkers actually brings greeting cards to work to have me write in/sign them and address them for her. It's so embarrassing lol. I once had a patient say to me, he could tell I went to public school because of the way I hold my pen, whatever that means....I don't think it was a compliment haha.