Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Win a bar of soap y'all!

My handmade Sparkling Lime soap

I've been showering with my Sparkling Lime soap for about a week now, and I've definitely noticed that the refreshing, almost lime soda fragrance has a lot of pick-me-up in the morning! The scent of this soap is a blend of natural lime essential oil and a Champagne fragrance oil, and to me it smells a lot like 7 Up soda... in a good way! It has a great creamy lather too! Plus I like to admire the pretty green swirls sitting on the shower rack in front of my face. :)

On my shower rack

Since I've been enjoying this bright bar of soap so much, naturally I want someone else to enjoy it too! So I decided I'd just do a giveaway! And who better to share it with than my handful of gracious blog and Facebook followers?

All you have to do is comment on the above photo that I posted on my Facebook page, and on Friday, July 13th (oh snap) I will pick one person randomly to send it to by mail. (Boy won't it be embarrassing if no one comments!) If you haven't already liked my Facebook page, you can find it here.

Alternatively, if you are not the lucky winner, I am having a 25% off sale in my Etsy shop for the entire month of July as I am running out of room on my curing shelf!

So go forth and win soap!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the look of this soap, Laura - it's so pretty! The combo of Champagne and lime sounds great. I have some of BB's Champagne FO and it smells soooo nice!

  2. Such a pretty soap, love the color combination!

  3. Jenny- I am excited to try more FO blends with the Champagne, I hear it blends well with a lot of fruity scents!

    And thank you both! :)