Thursday, June 14, 2012

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I started a Facebook page for my soaping. Partly because I thought maybe my friends were getting tired of me always posting pictures of soap, and my own personal Facebook was starting to look like it wasn't even about me, and because it's nice to have a way to connect with other soapers and spread the word about handmade soaps while still being able to maintain your own personal privacy. I guess the blog is nice for that, too, but.... darnit, Facebook is just fun! Mostly I just invited all my friends and family to "like" my page if they are interested in seeing all that I do, and I will be posting under Glad Heart Soaps on other soap-related Facebook pages.

So many of my friends encouraged me to start selling my soaps initially. Sometimes it felt more like nagging than encouragement. Please please open an Etsy shop etc etc. Which I did do eventually. But where were those friends who wanted to purchase soap from me after I opened this shop? *crickets* It cost me so much to build up a little bit of a product line and packaging, plus listing fees and such, not to mention the stress that comes with trying to make sure your listings are worded well, your stuff is labeled according to regulations or maybe you just want to keep it minimal, but wait no this person says this but I like how this looks and omg my photos are terrible..... It was just overwhelming. It's hard to be inspired and enjoy your hobby when you worry constantly about the sales potential of what you are making. In the end I found that it makes me way happier to gift my finished products to people I love. 

That being said, it doesn't mean I don't occasionally have sales at work or a local market, or list items on Etsy here and there still. It just means I am not going to let selling soaps suck all the fun out of making soaps (although making back a small teeny tiny fraction of the cash I spend on my hobby sure feels nice sometimes haha!). 

I do still have friends ask if I have such and such thing available to buy, or ask why am I not trying to sell this or that. So with my Glad Heart Soaps facebook page I also made a free-to-me online store. I haven't decided yet what to do with it, I just put a couple of things up. Not sure if I will use it to avoid Etsy fees or to coincide with my Etsy shop. But I do know that I won't let it take the fun out my soaping! 

Too long didn't read version:
Follow me on Facebook to see what I am up to in the soaping world. I plan to post photos pretty often. :)


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