Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleaning out my closet!

(From my post on Teach Soap forums)

I did a quick clean-up-and-out of my soap making supplies closet today (not counting the bookshelf in my kitchen just for oils, butters, and loaf molds), and I have a few things I'd like to get rid of but don't want to just throw them away. It's all pretty nice stuff, most of it never even used. I'd like to do some swapping of goodies if anyone is interested, but if I leave this up for long enough with no bites, I would probably even be willing to give it away so that it doesn't go to waste. What I am interested in swapping for is pigments and/or clays for CP, fragrance oils, ylang ylang EO. First come first serve!

You can comment here, email me at or respond to my forum post here.

So here is what I have up for grabs:

Two full, still taped 7.5oz bottles of Eucalyptus EO from Bramble Berry. Three 8oz bottles of BB Wake Up Rosemary FO. Two have not been used but the tape has been removed, one has about an ounce or so used. I would of course retape these and package them very carefully and securely for shipping.


One "flying pig" mold from BB, clear plastic with three 5oz cavities.


An assortment of fondant/cookie cutters. Most of these have never been used and are all clean and rust-free, and include one of each of the following: tulip, butterfly, heart with wings, round flower, high heel shoe, castle, princess crown, three-square set, three-circle set, four-star set, and scalloped square. 



And here is the new clean closet! (Yeah, clean is probably a relative term here, haha!) My house is sooo dark, I have some "pop lights" and adhesive backing I'll be putting up on the inside walls of the closet sometime today, woo!

I know I've been MIA on the blog for a bit, but I have a ton of pictures waiting to share about all I've been up to in my absence, just been a tad busy (read: Diablo 3 was released). Hopefully I'll have some real posts up soon!

Thanks for reading!

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