Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The cheese slicer that didn't exist

I've been thinking about buying a nice big soap slicer for a while now, one with tension wires that will cut a whole loaf of soap with one swoop. *drool* All the soapmakers who have them speak so highly of them, and the demo videos make cutting look so quick and effortless. *sigh* 

The least expensive I've found are actually handcrafted with a wooden structure, on Etsy, for around $135. Compared to the famous "tank" soap cutter at $267, I guess that's a pretty great deal. A soaper I follow on Facebook has the wooden one from Etsy, and I did chat with her a bit about it. She praised the craftsmanship and assured me it was well worth the money. *jealous*

So I decided to start small at first, give the ol' miter box and cutter set a much-needed vacation, and go out looking for a cheese slicer, aka cheeseboard. You know, the little boards with a notch, handle and wire. I wanted to test the smoothness of cutting with a wire and this would be cheaper and easier to find locally.

Or so I thought. My honey and I spent the better part of this afternoon scouring my tiny town for what seems to have become an ancient appliance. Granted, there aren't a lot of stores here, but I swear we must have went to every single one! Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Fred's Dollar Store, Family Dollar, the department store my mom manages, a candle and floral gift shop, an artsy gift shop cafe. And did I mention it's 91 degrees here today (with 55% humidity)? Ugh. There was one last place I wanted to look, a pharmacy only two blocks from my apartment, but by the end of all that shop hopping I was frustrated and just wanted to give up, go home, and hit up Amazon. But since we were driving by there anyway, and they always have such cute window displays, we parked and the honey left the car running. We wouldn't be long, I told him, it only takes a couple of minutes to ask and be told no.

Imagine my surprise when the friendly sales lady was leading me to a shelf before I'd even gotten the whole question out of my mouth! Not one, but two pretty bamboo cheeseboards. At a pharmacy! And so many other cutesie things! But alas, the only cheese slicer board thingie in Winnfield, LA, came at a premium sort of price, so I reigned in my shopping desires and just went home with what I went looking for to begin with. (....and some penguin-printed packing tape....)

Now for the bad news. I unmolded my sparkly-topped loaf of soap to try out this new cutter today, and to my horror it had stuck to the mold a bit on the bottom at each end, even though I'd used plenty of sodium lactate and discounted my water amount by 10% to help it harden up! Sad Laura. I guess I should've let it sit in the mold a while longer, I just was too excited!

Being the sweetheart that he is, my honey still showered the soap with praise: "Oh, the colors are really pretty! It smells great! And look (scoop scoop squish), we can make soap balls for you to embed in another loaf!" ..... I have created a soaping monster. Soap balls?! How did he know about those?! And why did he think of that before me?! Haha. Oh well! It did help me feel a bit better, which is what he was aiming for I'm sure, and provided him ample opportunities for making balls jokes. Pfft.

His balls actually looked better than my balls..... shut up!!

In the end we only ended up with five full-size bars of soap, and my crazy random attempts at making some kind of highly untechnical color swoops didn't turn out all that bad. I guess we'll just call this a limited edition!

I may have gotten a little heavy handed with the glitter....

Thanks for reading!!

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