Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New coloring system has arrived!

My pricey new coloring system came in yesterday, twelve highly concentrated colors in tiny bottles, an instruction booklet, and charts for ranges and blends of colors. Whoa. It was a little intimidating. I've read through it all now, and am excited to give it a try.

To get these colorants ready for use, I heated distilled water, mixed with the concentrates, labeled and popped them in the fridge (for now, to avoid having to use a preservative). I had some plastic bottles already that I planned to use for these, but they turned out to be barely too small to hold the 8oz water +concentrate, so I used some canning jars instead. I'll most likely end up transferring them later on, once I've used up some of the volume, just because I imagine the plastic bottles will be easier to use, take up less room, and safer for me the total klutz. I've only mixed up five so far, that I thought I might use in the near future.

Red, "Blue Mix," and Fuchsia
Speaking of me the total klutz..... I did have an accident in the kitchen last night, and completely drowned my trusty scale. A good scale is an absolute necessity for pretty much every soap and other body recipes I make. So I made a quick trip to our grossly understocked Wal-Mart this morning to pick up another.  Since I live in such a small town, I of course bumped into someone I knew on the kitchen gadgets aisle (of all places!), and stupidly picked up a  sufficient-looking scale while chit chatting with aforementioned person, without really looking the box over very well. Only to get home and discover........

.....That it only measures to the nearest tenth of an ounce. So I thought I would switch it to grams and go that route since most recipes I have list weights in both ounces and grams, but alas this stupid scale weighs only in straight up grams, no decimals, no tenths, whatever. Ugh! I know what you're gonna say though: just take it back and get a different one. Negative. There were a total of two digital scales available, both the same brand, this stupid Biggest Loser tv show brand nonsense. I may be forced to drag out a magnifying glass and my old non-digital scale when (not if) I start a recipe with more precise measurements, at least until I can order another scale and it arrives, probably just like the one I drowned. Which, for the record, cost less than half what this one from Wal-Mart did.

Also, here is how that rebatch soap from last week turned out. Very cute and they still smell great! I think I might send the flower ones to my niece's birthday party next weekend for their little grab-bags. She'll be nine. :)

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