Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fluffy body butter!

Oh man, my hands smell good!

Just finished my first attempt at a batch of whipped shea butter. I found some great starter recipes for non-soapy body products on a site I often refer to for soaping ideas, and printed them out a few days ago. Seeing as how I am running awful low on pomace olive oil, and the huge jug I ordered won't be here until probably sometime next week (not to mention I don't want to pay outrageous grocery store prices for EVOO that will give my soap way too dark of a color).... I decided to take a break from soap, and work on a few more things I want to have done before my next sale May 11. So I went with the whipped shea butter recipe. If that sounds foreign to you, just think of it as a fluffy and light lotion, but heavy on the moisturizing!

I doubled the size of the recipe listed, using 1 cup of shea butter, 2/3 cup oil, etc. I'd gotten my shea butter to a really nice creamy texture and was just about to start adding the olive oil I'd infused with calendula petals earlier today, when my hero the UPS guy arrived with two boxes of sample sized fragrance oils from one of my favorite suppliers. Squee! After sniff sniff sniff sniffing through all the bottles, I decided to save the infused olive oil for another all-natural project, and measured up some sweet almond oil instead to make this batch with a delicious smelling Cotton Candy fragrance.

Glad my mom decided to start making cupcakes and bought this....

It took a while, slowly adding in the oil, to get it to the perfect fluffy consistency. But it was worth it. I should've had the forethought to turn the A/C on though, because the mixture got pretty warm and soft (or maybe that is normal?) We've had such nice weather here this week, that I've been opening windows and just running the ceiling fan. Besides that my kitty cat doesn't complain so much when he gets to lay in the open window. After coloring and fragrancing, I put the bowl down into another bowl filled with ice for a while before finally spooning it into my favorite 4 oz jars. In retrospect I think I should've chilled it a bit longer, and maybe I wouldn't have made such a mess filling the jars. Next time!

For now, I have the jars resting in the same bowl of ice. I'm sure they will stiffen up a bit with time. This will definitely be a product you'll want to keep in a cool place, if not the fridge. They smell amazing and came out the perfect shade of cotton candy blue. Yummy!

UPDATE: I couldn't resist diving back into another batch of this amazing whipped shea butter, and of course this time I mixed with the A/C blasting and chilled the mixture over ice for a bit before filling containers. Was able to stretch it to five 3oz (by weight) jars versus the four from the first batch. Same amount of ingredients. Could be that I just whipped it longer, but I don't think I did.  Here is the brightly fragranced Tropical Blast (sweet and refreshing blend of tropical fruits) whipped shea butter, in a light orange that the iphone camera didn't quite capture.

Some of the fragrances I got in the mail today were pretty great, and I'm really excited to use them in some glycerin soaps, bath fizzies and sugar scrubs, if not more hot process soap batches before the sale. Here's a few that I particularly liked, let me know if you see a favorite! I can make anything in any scent by request. :)

Banana Pudding (I'll be using this in some foaming sugar scrubs!)
Bay Rum (mmm, manly!)
Hot Pink Pomegranate
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Apple Butter Caramel
Monkey Farts (sweet banana)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi I just started whipping my Shea butter I have always used it in its natural state for my girls they have really dry skin. I have wanted to add some kind of color or fragrance to it. Would you mind giving me some pointers on the colors and dyes that are safe? Would you also mind sharing your warm vanilla sugar recipe. It's one of my fave scents. Thanks a million