Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally, my first soap blog post!

I'll admit I have been procrastinating to the umpteenth degree with this soap blog, which I created in---gosh, October I think! Occassionally I would log into the admin here and tweek a few small things, but never add any real content. It was always on my mind, but I didn't know quite what I wanted to do with this thing: advertise or just kind of document my adventures in soaping. The thought of this turning into a messy and pointless rambling made me nervous! (I predict nervous becoming a top tag and category here, hehe.)

I started doing some searching around the wide wide interwebs to see what other soap bloggers were talking about and realized I was really nervous for nothing. The blogs I found were warm and colorful and fun, and definitely full of some very talented crafters with a geniune love for suds! These were real people with good and bad soapin' days, and they talked about both with love and good humor! I saw that I didn't need to have some lofty goal in mind for what I wanted this blog to be---and that I'd lost a lot of time that I could have been taking part in the online soaping community!

For now I've just decided to go with it, let the posts flow how they may! Hopefully I can share all sorts of things here, from finished products to the steps it took me to get there, and maybe definitely a few mistakes along the way. I know my Facebook and Twitter friends will probably be glad to not have me clogging up their feeds anymore with endless pictures of soaps and supplies. (Can't promise anything there though!)

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