Sunday, January 22, 2012

Decoy Duckies

I'd been wanting to try embedding ever since I first discovered "toy" sections on some of my favorite soap supply websites, so when I found this little tutorial on Otion: The Soap Bar's blog, I just knew I had to try it! I immediately conducted a squee-ful internet search for the perfect rubber duckies for this project, and found not one but three irresistable quacker designs. I especially loved these colorful versions of the classic "decoy" ducks, and figured they could really be appealing here in Sportsman's Paradise (especially considering my last small batch of hunter-themed soaps sold out almost immediately after hitting the shelf!)

This was a really easy (and fun, wooo!) soap to make, but I ended up working with much larger duckies than those in Otion's tutorial, so I think I did lose some of the detail that the colored soap strips give from a topview. I went with a more marsh-like color scheme because of the style of ducky, using browns and greens. In the picture the soaps look cloudy, but that is actually a subtle but really lovely greenish shimmer (!) from adding just a tiny bit of colorant to the clear base.

Decoy Ducky soaps were made in a handy dandy square multi-cavity silicone mold. The fragrance I chose was the cool and energetic Spearmint Eucalyptus because it really just made me think green, and the colors are all non-bleeding:

Patina Sheen mica (shimmer)
Cappuccino mica (shimmer)

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